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Senior Does

Listed below are all does over the age of 6 months. All does under 6 months are on the Juniors or Nestbox pages.

Sundew's Peggy

Sire: DTL's Chocolate Buck
Dam: Sundew's Marilyn Monroe
Variety: Siamese Sable
Genotype: aaBbc(chl)-D-E-
DOB: 4-18-2015

Peggy is the only Jersey Wooly remaining from my original herd. She survived a dog attack that decimated my entire herd in 2016, but is missing numerous toes from all four feet as well as one of her rear legs, which was severed at the hock. She recovered well from the attack, and will hopefully start producing kits soon.

Julia's Jubilee

Sire:Julia's Sherman

Dam: Julia's Charlet

Variety: Black

DOB: 5-30-15

Jubilee actually goes back to my first Jersey Wooly, LeSage's Piano Man, the foundation of my original herd. I'm excited to see what she can produce!

Lone Oak's Totally For Real

Sire: Lone Oak's Dallas(22 legs)

Dam: Presidio's Always A Bridesmaid

Variety: REW

DOB: 6-11-2015

Wonder's SFO (1 leg; 1st Broken Jr Doe 2016 ARBA Convention)



Variety: Broken Black