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Sale Policy

Created: 8/29/10

Last Updated: 1/30/13

By inquiring about or purchasing an animal from me, you have read and agreed to the sales policy stated below.

Waiting List: If you are interested in purchasing an animal that is not yet for sale, or if you want to purchase an animal of a certain variety that is not currently available, you may request to be placed on a waiting list. I require a non-refundable $10 deposit for you to remain in your place on the waiting list. You must understand that you may be required to wait an undefinable amount of time before an appropriate animal becomes available. If you later decide not to get the animal, your deposit will not be refunded. Once the animal becomes available, you will be contacted, and you have two weeks to respond with a confirmation that you will purchase the animal, or it will move on to the next person on the waiting list. Upon confirmation of your desire to purchase the animal, you have 2 weeks to send a 50% deposit on the animal as stated in the section below titled "Deposits and Payment", minus the $10 that was originally paid.

Deposits and Payment: If you are interested in a rabbit and wish to reserve it, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold it. If I do not receive the deposit within 2 weeks of you asking for me to hold the rabbit, it will go back up for sale. If I do not hear back from you within 2 weeks after I receive your deposit, the animal will go back up for sale. You must pay the other 50% before you may take the rabbit.  I DO NOT SHIP, but I can usually find transport to national shows such as the National Jersey Wooly Show every Spring and the ARBA National Convention every fall.

Gurantees: All animals purchased from me have Quality, Health, and Temperament Guarantees. 

Quality: To the best of my knowledge, all show rabbits will be free of disqualifications at the time of the sale. I cannot guarantee how the animal will do at a show. Sometimes, they may look great when they are young, but end up showing poorly as they mature, or vice versa. Also, when an animal goes to a new home, stress or changes in feed, care, grooming, etc. can affect its performance at the show. I encourage all buyers to go over every animal they intend to purchase.

Health: All animals sold are healthy at the time of the sale and come with a 7 day health guarantee. If an illness or death occurs within that time span, please contact me immediately to determine whether you are eligible for a refund. A replacement animal of equal quality or a monetary refund will be considered with a written diagnosis from a certified veterinarian. Any veterinary or medical costs are the sole responsibility of the owner of the animal. This health gurantee is void if the illness or death is caused by the animal being put into unessecary stress or being mishandled, mistreated, or neglected in any way or form.

Temperament: All animals sold have guaranteed temperaments. If any animal ever becomes aggressive, you can bring it back. You may receive a replacement of equal value or get a full refund for an aggressive animal. There may be a long wait before a suitable replacement is found. I reserve the right to give refunds at my discretion.

Pets: I breed to produce animals that are are healthy, have great temperaments, and come as close to the ARBA Standard of Perfection as possible. But I will occasionally get kits that just don't quite cut it as show or breeding stock. They may or may not have disqualifications. Even if they do not have any disqualifications, they should not be used for showing or breeding purposes. All pet animals are also sold with the Health and Temperament Guarantees stated above. If you send me a Spay/Neuter certificate proving you fixed the animal, your entire purchase price will be refunded. I DO NOT POST PETS FOR SALE ON THE WEBSITE. If you are looking for a pet, please e-mail me with an inquiry as to available pet rabbits. 95% of pets are just-weaned kits. I usually have pets available at all times, but if I do not, you can go on a waiting list and should expect a pet to be available within a few weeks of your inquiry.

Returning an Animal: I will take back any animal for any reason if the buyer can no longer care for or no longer want the animal. However, I would prefer that rabbits also be returned with their cage and any supplies/feed. I have a very limited number of cages, and if an animal is returned with no cage, I may not have any room for it. If the buyer ever decides to sell or rehome an animal purchased from me, I get the first choice to buy back the animal.

And always feel free to e-mail with questions or comments! I will always answer any and all questions, or I will direct you to someone who can answer them if I cannot.

If you would like to purchase an animal from me, you may contact me at [email protected].

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Pet Quality: Please be advised that I do not sell pet rabbits. Only those that I would feel comfortable placing on the show table, or brood quality(see description below) rabbits will be available.

Brood Quality: These may have faults or disqualifications, but they may have very strong points that could increase the quality at another rabbitry. They may be excellent examples of the breed but go over the set weight limit or they may have an injury-caused disqualification. All faults or disqualifications will be disclosed to any potential buyer. Rabbits with genetic disqualifications, such as white toenails or bad teeth, are NEVER sold as breeding rabbits. These come with a small bag of transition feed and a pedigree. Average Price range: $50+

Show Quality: A show quality rabbit has certain characteristics that may make it a possible contender on the show table; however, I cannot guarantee that it will place first. They are the rabbits I would feel confident putting on the show table. These may have minor faults. All faults will be disclosed to any potential buyer upon request. Show quality rabbits will come with a small bag of transition feed as well as a pedigree. Average Price range: $70+



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